Just updated my Lenovo Yoga to 8 gb of RAM
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I am finally getting some “round to its”

I’ve gotten Microsoft Writer to work on my Windows 8.1 machines.  Hint, there are a couple of versions out there.  The first one I tried said I already had the latest version of Windows Live Essentials, the second one worked.

I have finally gotten Eclipse to work with the Java materials we use (we’ve been using Stacy Armstrong’s materials, but I have also used Leon Scham’s).  We’ll go with whatever text book the district went with the textbook adoption.

I know, I’ve used Eclipse before – either on a Linux Virtual Machine or on a machine someone setup.  We had been using JCreator, but it doesn’t look like its supported anymore – the forum was saying it was being updated with a January date, and they don’t answer their support requests – well, you get a canned supply.

Plus, using a real IDE is a good idea.  I’ve also had trouble setting it up in workshops.

I used the Litvin’s site to figure out how to set it up – http://www.skylit.com – look for the how-to’s

I’m doing some reviewing of Java, and then I think I will play with writing some Android apps.


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