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One Note - Recipes


I like to cook and I like to use One Note to keep track of recipes – why? Because then I have the recipes on my phone when I am shopping. I'm a very spur of the moment kind of person and if a key ingredient for a recipe is on sale, I'll decide to make that. So here's a typical recipe I have saved:



Note that there I even make a shopping list. Which I make manually after pasting the recipe. The beauty of this, is that I can use SnagIt to get the recipes off the screen and paste the into OneNote. OneNote has some of the same tools.

The best part, is once the recipe is synced, it's available on my phone.

If you don't cook, there may be other information you run across frequently that you would like on your phone AND your other mobile devices.

Getting Organized

The last few days, I’ve spent getting organized, and getting things together I have put off forever.

Some of it has been prompted by the move from SkyDrive to OneDrive.  I have a Windows Phone, several Windows 8 computers and love the fact that I can get to everything in the cloud quickly and easily.  So I’ve been moving things around and getting things to where I can actually get to them.

I’ve also had an app forever, that I didn’t completely understand, but am getting it now.  Tasks by Telerik.  Unfortunately it just doesn’t work right, and keeps generating new tasks.  I’m going to complain and then stop using it.  Tasks by Appamundi seems to work much better, just wish it had a Windows 8 version for the desktops

I’ve also been cleaning up my Office365 account and my Hotmail account so that everything is available from the phone.  It feels nice to be organized.

Apparently that foreign language substitution passed

There are days I wonder why I got into education.

I got an email that said that the proposal to allow students to take Computer Science instead of a foreign language passed. <sigh>

In my opinion and I said it before – it's wrong and against any ethics I can think of. I've asked two people who supported and they said: it will attract students who don't want to take a foreign language. Frankly I'm a proponent for foreign language education but high school is too late. Of course, high school level courses aren't taught for people who want to be fluent, they are taught so people can read literature in the original language.

Never a bad thing.

Attracting students who don't want to take a foreign language – not a good thing.

Computer Science a Foreign Language? NOT!

Several states are looking at proposals that allow Computer Science to be substituted for a foreign language.

I've looked at this from several points of view.

First, as a curriculum designer, and I have looked at both the Language TEKS and the Computer Science TEKS and I see that the share very few objectives.

Second, as a former foreign language student and as a computer scientist. I took 4 years of Latin in high school, my choice. I thought it would be cool to be able to read some of my favorite literature in their original language. It was. I also majored in computer science. Learning 4 years of Latin did not help my ability to write software. While it makes it easier for me to spell, and I understand the rules of language better.

I have challenged advocates of this proposal and they support it to increase the enrollment in their classes, as students don't want to take a foreign language. Personally I find this offensive that anyone would want to take away from someone else's program to promote theirs.

I don't expect that most students take a language in order to read a book in its original language, but most students don't take 4 years of a language, they only take one.