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Why I am not doing the Hour of Code

Well, I might have my own students do something, but our class periods don't last a few hour.

I really dislike it when people take up my class time for their own agenda. Ask my husband.

It doesn't matter if it is "Take Your Daughter to Work Day", someone else's field trip, etc. I want my students in my classroom each day doing my work.

In return, I am very careful not to take students out of other people classrooms. I have signed students out of their class once, and may have to do it again this year, but at least I'll plan it in advance this time.

I also think it is too little too late for the upper grades. I wouldn't mind a program for elementary kids, as long as it is incorporated with other learning. Just don't hijack other learning.

Oh, and after seeing the look on my principal's face after mentioning his learning programming recently, I know better than to ask. It looked like my face when you mention the dentist.


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There are a lot of things that will work with middle school (and younger) students and frankly I agree that HS is a bit late. My hope is that a lot of these events will be in middle and elementary schools. Most HS events that I know of will be after school but I imagine many will be during the day. We'll see how it all turns out.

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