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I was reading a post about part time jobs for teachers and realized that I have quite a few resources that I can utilize to make some extra money and help the teaching community at the same time.

First, I have access to a really good server and can either host other educators sites or teach them how to host themselves. I set up my own Moodle site at http://www.mykweaver.com/moodle which I currently use for Staff Development. I can also set up Wordpress on the same site and teach people how to do it themselves.

I have two courses set up on Moodle and already aligned to Texas TEKs with syllabus, lesson plans, and everything needed to teach, one for Computer Science Fundamentals and one for Game Design at the entry level. I am very close to having Robotics and PreAP CS setup.

The CS courses need Stacy Armstrong's APlus Curriculum but otherwise good to go and can go on Moodle setup.

Contact me and we will get something going.


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