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Domain Change

Domains being transferred

I've finally gotten complete fed up with the people who host kweaver.net and who have most of my domains because of their lack of ability to do any type of DNS service.

Sometime in the middle of the week, my kweaver.us domain is going to disappear, but you can still get to the blog at http://kweaver.typepad.com/

It shouldn't be gone long.

Back in the day, I wanted to do some asp.net coding, which I did, and was pretty good at. Myhosting.com did a good job of hosting that, but I'm back to plain vanilla websites. So I have moved back to http://www.techark.com Family business, good uptime and good prices.

Also, they know what they are doing. Myhosting.com had some good people but they are gone and took the knowledge with them.


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