Tough School Year, but Easier than Last Year
Why I don’t like Khan Academy (or Flipping the classroom)

Why I don’t like Chromebooks – Why I didn’t watch #Teach

I teach computer science and I strongly believe if you are going to put a device in the hands of a child, it should be a device that they should be able to write real programs with. I spent a few moments watching Teach, and I rejected the premise immediately when I saw them giving out Chromebooks (and putting kids on Khan Academy, but that's for another post).

I have blogged before about my Chromebook experience – and they just don't give enough bang for the buck. A netbook gives a full computer user experience and allows children to program, as do other devices at the same price point.

If you are only going to give children the ability to do the internet and edit some files, do something smaller, like the Amazon Fire. Don't fool anyone any thinking that you are giving them a computer.

By the way, I've been teaching programming to failing math students for years and they have gone on to succeed on the state tests. Math is about reading and following directions and nothing teaches that better than programming. Math is also about problem solving and again nothing teaches that better than programming. In fact, teach programming – Alice and Scratch solves a whole lot of the problems that failing math students have.


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