De-Nerding my room
Why I don’t like Chromebooks – Why I didn’t watch #Teach

Tough School Year, but Easier than Last Year

At least physically.

This year I was able to put my classroom back together myself. I couldn't the past few years. That means dragging the tables together and hooking the computers back up. This year, a roving crew decided to unplug everything. It isn't neat right now, but everything works. I've got some repairs to make to boards, but waiting until some materials come in.

Last night I was able to run both dogs in class. I skipped the last exercise, but I knew that after a month's break, none of us was ready for us, and it let me pack up at a more leisurely pace.

I've had lots of years when I couldn't run ONE dog the full class, much less both of them.

Hopefully the biggest issue I'm having will get resolved today – it's more of a mental issue than anything – how to teach two groups of students who need close supervision at once. My answer is to not do it.


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