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August 2013

De-Nerding my room

It is difficult to reduce the nerd factor in my room. There are at least 30 desktop computers in the room at any given time plus all the assorted things need to make FIRST FTC Robots, but I am doing my best.

In the past, I've had medium blue borders around my bulletin boards, but I have changed the borders to this:

I want to place the tape other places but I've had problems with duct tape residual adhesive in the past so I'm going to be careful with it. I'm welcome to ideas. I can always put paper down first.

I've also taken down a bunch of my old signs – they tended to be in school colors, and am going with the same color scheme. Will probably bug the boys….

Lenovo Yoga

Went to the Microsoft Store to look at the Surface Pro, and ended up with …. Lenovo Yoga

It's cool. More memory than the Surface Pro, but doesn't have the Pen thing. But who can read my handwriting anyway?

Much bigger screen. But isn't supposed to be as fast. Haven't noticed that. Haven't tried all my other apps yet.

Much better built that that Sony thing I curse at all the time.

Car Nerd experiment worked

I have a backup camera that works with a rear view mirror display. It had been driving me nuts because it has two inputs and I was only using one.

Well Saturday the display relay failed and I had to take it and get it fixed. Told the guys I wanted access to the other input so they put in an input jack.

Threw the laptop in the car, got a converter from Microcenter and now I have my laptop display on my review mirror. 

Mostly maps. Doesn't interfere with the rear view mirror view or the back up camera view, as it switches when I put the car in reverse.

Love it. Wish I could project the phone instead, and maybe with Bluetooth.

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Drive to Austin

I had an almost horrific drive to Austin, I left sometime after noon but well before 1:00 and got there at almost 7:00 pm. Had to take some side roads to avoid some road stoppages. BUT north bound was worse. Plus I got an email saying that their all the exits near my house were going to be closed again like they were last week.

As a result, I was pretty sure Dulce and I were going to end up staying somewhere on the way and not getting back until today.

Luckily it didn't work out that way.

State Textbook Committee

Still can't say much about it.

Hilton was nice.  Food was okay.  Too many carbs, too many of the wrong foods and not enough of the right foods that I could eat.

Finally figured out that leaving the hotel and getting a Starbucks down the road was cheaper and better than getting a Starbucks in the hotel because of the card thing.

Didn't sleep well there.

It was a good educational opportunity.  It was stressful.  I'd do it again.