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State Textbook Committee

State Textbook Committee – Or in a Gilt Cage…

I might be learning how Dulce feels….

Drove down to Austin today for the State Textbook Committee and have already met a few more of the committee members. We're at the Hilton Austin Airport, and I don't think there is much close around. Dinner wasn't bad, but there aren't a lot of choices…. I think the same choices as for lunch. I'm also not sure that the waiter is used to someone who eats so slow.

By the way, the traffic on I35 was slow. Most of the trip was 40, if we were moving. North look slower, so I'm not looking forward to the drive home. Yes, I could have flown. But I have a lot of stuff that I honestly need. Ask any diabetic.

I took the Tollway around Austin, and the speed limit was 80, but my poor Escape wasn't happy with that. It likes 75.

Nice room, nice hotel. We start at 8:00 tomorrow.


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