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Staff Development

I'm lucky enough to be doing an online staff development with St. Scholastica – it's a course on teaching with App Inventor – and this is the college I went to last summer for Tapestry.

I love the model and really wish the AP College Board people would take a look at it. I hate, HATE, HATE, the 1 week and even 2 day College Board Workshop format and I've even taught it once. Way too much material in too short a time frame and no way to absorb it all. Gridworld has been done in a similar fashion but not quite as well as what I am seeing so far.

They have combined a traditional online course with Google Handouts and have assigned us to PLN groups of 10 for discussion. We haven't had our first group yet, so I can't tell you how that works out. They are also having weekly large group hangouts – and if you miss it record it for later viewing.

I like the interactivity they have done so far, and the fact that the material is spaced out over a long time period rather than expecting us as teachers to learn an entire year's material in one week. I have trouble with that concept and I've been teaching this stuff for 21 years, gone to over 10 of those workshops and taught one.

And yes, I'll keep complaining about staff development until it gets fixed.


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