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Got my RigRunner Installed

A RigRunner is a cool little device that allows you to make your ham radios plug and play. Here is mine:

And it's actually pretty small.

I had to connect it to the existing cable that I had powering my mobile rig, then connect the rigs and USB to it. I was lucky, Texas Towers had an MFG power cable that already had the power poles on it, so that a) saved a step, and b) showed me what I was shooting for.

I added power poles to my cable for my HF rig, and now have two mobile rigs in the car powered up, while charging my cell phone.

I can take any DC power cord now, and power Anderson Power Pole on it and plug into this thing, and might very well do that.

One added plus, is all I have to do , is pull the red DC cable and I know the power is off.

Another pat on my back, is I did a NASA splice, just like I make my robot kiddos do.



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