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Reverse Flipping #tcea13 (updated)

I HATE the concept of flipping. Reverse flipping fills in the gaps, rather than trying to enhance what the teacher does in the classroom.

I don't have time to record my lectures ahead of time, I teach 5 preps, and I'll probably change my mind 3 times before I see the kids. My kids don't have time to watch them, my best student is on my robot team and on the basketball team.

However, I've been using the same software the flippers do to produce my lectures to let kids either repeat what I've said or to let kids see what I've done when they have been out.

I started it because I had a deaf student in my web design class. I recorded it because I thought he needed it but he did fine with my own closed caption. However, my non-English speakers LOVED it. They would play my demonstrations at their own speed, slowing me down, stopping me, for fast forwarding me as they work on the assignment.

I do believe that you get what you pay for and I have been using Camtasia for YEARS…. Probably decades. I rarely bother to edit afterwards, but will pause or chop it up as I go. By using Camtasia, I can usually upload in less than 5 button clips. I upload while I am monitoring students and while grading student work.


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