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I make sure I have at least three copies

I once was in a situation where I had three different copies (at least) of a presentation I was going to give on at least three different media and I was really glad I did. I think the presentation finally worked on their equipment a fourth way.

Today I'm going a presentation at another school. I did most of it on my surface, and it's saved on it, on the SD Card, my Skydrive and on my Moodle Server. I'm about to put it on my harddrive moodle server. I put it on a thumbdrive when I got here and handed to the person's who I am going to use her workstation.

Over kill?

I have a new Sony Vaio T Series Ultra Book

See previous post – my touch screen broke and I now have a new computer. After being told on Tuesday that my old computer would be repaired, I got another phone call last night telling me that they were giving me a Microsoft Store credit for the old computer and closing my Assure account as it would cost too much to repair the computer.

ARGH! Meant I was out $200.

I wasn't sure I wanted a new one. I am now convinced I want only four brands: Dell, Lenovo and Acer. I've had a ton of Acer netbooks in my hands (5?). I've had even more Dells, somewhere over 50. I've also personally owned several Lenovos, both before and after IBM.

I won't buy another Gateway (they sell their warranties to companies that go out of business). I am not sure about HP, if you open up some out of the same lot of computers they will have completely different parts inside. Seriously. I also don't like their tech support.

Best thing about Lenovo, I've NEVER needed their tech support.

The New Touchscreens BREAK!

I found this out the hard way the Friday before New Year's.

I bought a beautiful Sony Viao computer from the Microsoft Store in Frisco Texas. My first worry is that the store would be closed since it was a Holiday store and the holidays were kind of over. My first step after discovering the screen was broken was to call Microsoft Assure to find out what to do to and they told me I had to take it to Austin.

Thankfully, the Frisco store has been converted to a "specialty" store. It was still open.

However, when I scanned the receipt, I didn't scan the bar code. Little did I know the bar code was all important. There was an advertisement between the money part and the bar code part of the receipt. Also the employees at the Microsoft store couldn't find the receipt in their system.

So I had to go back on Saturday. Did I mention that Frisco is about 30 minutes from my house? Then you have to walk through Nordstrom's to get to the store.

They told me they would "overnight" it to the Austin store. Remember, I told you the Friday before New Year's.

I got an interesting call today.

When I got the Notebook, I got an Assure Plan. I'm glad I did. They are counting this as an accidental break, and explaining Sony counts it too. The tech even said he can tell from the case I haven't dropped the machine. However – Sony won't repair them as manufacture defects.

The tech said they are finding that they are breaking when people put pressure on the center of the back of the screen – just where we've been taught to carry notebooks.

Moral the story:

Don't carry the new touch screen notebooks around while they are open.



I'm finding SnagIt by Techsmith invaluable lately.

I'm doing a presentation for my district for Computer Science students next weekend. I need some of the verbage from the college board site so I'm grabbing what I need with Snag It and putting it in "gag" Power Point. I really ought it put it in Moodle instead.

Probably will by the time I get done.

I'm also got to a bunch of the A+ materials for my students on the Moodle site. I find printing everything with the SnagIt print driver and saving it all as jpegs works best. I find Word gets in my students way—takes to long for them to open.

Sometimes It Pays to Ask

We have a new business in the neighborhood. A postal center. We had one years ago, but that part of the shopping center got torn down and I never really felt the need. However, I get a package a week and having them laying out on the front stoop for most of the world to see doesn't work for me. Plus driving over to the UPS Center or the FedEx place isn't that much fun. The post office is just down the road but their hours are pretty much the same as mine. Will be especially good for medical supplies.

I'd pulled up in front of the place the other night, and swore their sign said it closed at 5:00. Whoops, doesn't work. I rarely get into town before 5:00. But I went in today and asked anyway. Nope, they close at 5:30 and once they get organized they hope to stay open until 7:00. They were even running a special on boxes, and its right near the door. No more packages sitting at the stoop!

Pleasant people too. I have box I need shipped out, just hoping to find another one to go with it. Long story for another blog.

Should also solve the problem with someone wanting to do phone insurance fraud too.

Love to support local business.

Local Security System

When we bought our house, it came with a security system. I was never happy with the company, especially after it was taken over by ADT. Plus couldn't get my husband to arm it.

Recently I tried to get it upgraded so I could arm it over the internet and they couldn't give me a date when I was off. I switched to a local firm and boy am I happy. It works on its own network, wireless, they provide new batteries though we will have to see how that schedule works.

Best deal, is that I can turn it on and off from my phone.

Computer still on its way to the hospital

Disappointed. Tried to take my Sony, Vaio which I have Microsoft Assure, to the Microsoft Store in Frisco Friday night. I had a scanned receipt but didn't scan in the bar code (that is fixed now). They couldn't find the receipt in their database.

Took it back in Saturday with the paper receipt. The Microsoft Store in Austin didn't get the computer until today. They indicate they are shipping it to Sony and it could take as long as 9 days to get it back. <sigh>