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December 2012

My PC is broke

I had set aside money for a new PC from the curriculum work I did this summer. My first plan was to buy it during at the Microsoft Store at the Mall of America when I travelled to Duluth, but Microsoft announced that Windows 8 was coming out.

So I waited and purchased it at the "Holiday Store" in Frisco. Didn't have a big selection, but I liked the Sony Vario they had. I have been traveling all over Dallas with it since I bought it, and haven't had any problems. Until Friday. I had it in the living room on my computer desk and it had been working fine there.

I unplugged it and moved it to the dining room so my husband and I could both look at it and my husband noticed it had a crack across the screen. I didn't really see it until I stood up, but realized that the left side of the screen wasn't working. It's a touch screen.

I have a Microsoft Assure protection plan and I went to take it back Friday but I couldn't find the paper receipt and the people working the store couldn't find their receipt. Well, actually had MOST of my receipt but not the important bar code.

I went back home and found it in a stack of paper in my office and scanned it again, so I do have the all important bar code now. The manager said she could find it in their computer but that the other employees didn't have access.

The good news, is they are no longer a Holiday store (though it still says that on the Microsoft site), but they are a specialty store now). They still don't have a repair center or an answer desk so they had to send it to Austin.

They are supposed to ship it back to the house when they are done with it. The manager thinks they will replace it.

A Teacher’s View of Donor’s Choose

I just got project 26 funded from Donor's Choose. I have only asked for a few things for my classroom for my school in the past few years: AP Review books (since I only have a couple of students), and staff development for AP Classes. Everything else from Xboxes and Robots have come from two sources: Junior League of Dallas and Donor's Choose.

It's funny but a lot of my Donor's Choose projects have achieved funding on days that I have felt discouraged. It isn't easy being a teacher, and it even harder when you are the only one in your building who understands your subject and what you are teaching. In fact, there are less than 10 teachers in my district who teach what I teach, and none try the same mix I do. Of course, they all have that problem, though the teachers at Townview have it a bit better.

I just want to thank anyone who has ever given to anyone via Donor's Choose and want to urge those who haven't yet – hey, it really is a good deal. But if you don't want to go through that organization, feel free to stop by a local school and see what they need.

I'll never forget the day I was in the office and a former student gave a check to refurbish the baseball field. While he didn't go to pro-baseball, it got him to college and it upset him to see the field in shambles. We've been able to keep it in good shape ever since.

Post from Email

Showing the Web Design kids how to post from an email.
Kathleen Weaver
Donor’s Choose Projects at

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RobotC Certified

Had gotten behind on this – was hoping to get most of it knocked out Thanksgiving weekend, but ended up devoting that to Web Design – wanted to have CPGs out to the other teacher's.

I not only managed to past the certification test with over 90% passing – there were freaking 125 questions on that test – but also managed to get all the obstacles courses pasted.

Those things were hard because the sensors didn't behave exactly as they were published to. Once I figured that out though, I could program around that – something very real world in the robot world.