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October 2012

Blogging with OneNote 2013

So OneNote 2013 also lets you blog -- I have to check with OneNote 2010 since I don't think I've tried.



I am also trying drawing with the touch screen in this entry.


Though blogging with OneNote sends your post to Word, which is a bit odd. And it doesn't complete preserve the drawing.

Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabook

Got myself a new computer.

Went up to the Frisco Microsoft Store to see the Surface. Was disappointed that they don't run Legacy programs and they had some Sony Vaio Touch Screen computers that felt nice so I went home with one.

Using it now.

6 gig of memory

500 gig hard drive

Feels good in the lap

Liking it so far.

So I'm blogging with Office 13 and Windows 8

By the way, this was the computer that I was going to get this summer, but didn't because Windows 8 was coming out.

Windows 8 Updates

So Office 2010 appears to work.  I downloaded it as I need a way to read the file attachments I get on my school email account.  Twinbox also appears to work, and is still better than any Twitter client though I do like their web interface.

I’m not missing the Start Button though I am pinning a ton of stuff to the task bar.

Writer and Outlook for example.

However, I prefer Windows 8 mail to Outlook but I like Twitter through Outlook the best.  Go figure.

Iomega Storage Manager working with Windows 8 plus thoughts on the Surface

Not much too it though.  Gives me easy access to my Iomega file server.  Installing Office 2010 right now.

Went out to the Best Buy site to look for the Microsoft Surface, and rethinking that purchase.  To be honest, there are several notebooks at a lower price point that would give more back for the buck.

I think $199 is the best price point for tablet – I have an Amazon Fire and an Nexus Table that went for that.

Live Writer in Windows 8

I live Live Writer and it’s my favorite way to blog.  I actually was able to download Live Essentials and install them on my Windows 8 Machine.  The only thing I haven’t figure out how to do is to have more than one app showing on the screen at the time, but it may be due to the screen resolution.

I have my beta version of Wheel of Wealth, KeepPass and Filezilla installed and can get to my email accounts.

Windows 8 on a Lenovo X61

One of my absolute favorite machines is a Lenovo X61.  Unfortunately it's aging.  I think I have had it for 5 years.

I just put Windows 8 on it and it's running decently.  A lot of features aren't working, but they don't work in Windows 7 either.

I'll have to see if Lenovo is doing any drivers for any of the buttons.

I'll let you know what I think of Windows 8 as I go.