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Gadgets–Nexus 7 Tablet

After spending a week doing Android Apps with the IBM Innovation Summer Camp, I broke down and bought an Android Tablet, the Nexus 7. 

Some nice things about it – it knew me when it arrived.  I opened the box and when I touched the screen, it displayed my internet nickname.  Had to put in my password, etc. and had to connect to the internet. 

Gave me some free magazines, came with $25 dollars and credit and was easy to set up.

I still think Google is fairly evil <smile> so I haven’t gone completely to the dark side, but it is a fun, cheap way to do Android apps, just like the iPod Touch lets  you do iphone Apps, without committing to the iPhone.

Virtual Machines for Development

I have spent the last three days playing with VmWare’s Player and I really like it for development.  I have a Ubuntu machine setup for Android development now and working on a Windows 7 machine.  Earlier this morning I blogged about setting up a Windows XP machine so I could work with my insulin pump.

I see a lot of good in having a Virtual machine for development.  You can do whatever you want and don’t have to worry about screwing up your REAL machine.  That is especially cool is you are working on anything server related.

Here’s the cool part.  You can put the virtual machine on a drive and move it from machine to machine.  That is really powerful if you need to work on a school network.  I don’t like dragging my home computers back and forth, but don’t mind dragging a drive.  In fact, that’s how one of my laptops got broke.

Cool stuff.

Week well spent.

Thanks again IBM.

IBM Summer Innovation Camp

I’ve spent of this week at the IBM Summer Innovation Camp, and had a wonderful time learning about Android stuff.  So much so, that I’ve downloaded VMware, and am setting up a Ubuntu machine, and installing all the software from camp.

There is a facebook page at:!/IICDallas


They took us through installing Ubuntu, Ellipse, and other tools, and had labs on setting up a HTML, CSS, JScript page to several different phone apps, all of which could be expanded on.  I have all the stuff here at home, so I’m going to keep working on it and see what I can bring into the classroom.

IBMer’s were great.  Kids were great.  UTD was great.  Overall good experience.

Dallas ISD must provide gender equality training after boys-only field trip to see ‘Red Tails’ | Dallas-Fort Worth Education News - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News


Dallas school employees must receive gender equality training after a U.S. Department of Education investigation into the district’s boys-only field trip in February to see the war movie Red Tails.

Dallas ISD must provide gender equality training after boys-only field trip to see ‘Red Tails’ | Dallas-Fort Worth Education News - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News

Not a bad idea.  I’ve been through gender equity training a bunch of times, and it doesn’t hurt.

Last year, the district sent out a story that offended several women on my campus and our poor principal was quite confused, as a woman had given him the materials. 


I’m going to present a workshop on using RobotC to program Lego Robots to do autonomous stuff at TCEA


§ Details of Session

Session Number:  133149
Session Title:   Using RobotC to Program an Autonomous Robot
Track:  Technology Applications
Date:  2/7/2013
Time:    1:30:00 PM to 4:30:00 PM
Format: PC Workshop


Will be putting it on my staff development Moodle so if you sign up for it, email me at kathleen @ kweaver dot org and I’ll put you on the moodle.

Donor’s Choose

Starbucks just finished up another Donor’s Choose project for me.  That’s 4 projects this summer.  Two for my classroom, two for the Robot Team.  The last project was on the site for two weeks and was for almost $300.00

I really urge other teachers to join, and I really urge you to look at my projects and see what I’ve done.

I’m not sure what my magic is exactly but it works.

Email me at kathleen at as I have a Staff Development website where I discuss fundraising.

I like Mondays!

I have two friends that don’t, but I do.

Especially during the school year.

Monday is when I get to see my kids again.  I get to find out what they did on the weekend and we usually start  usually do something new on Mondays.

I miss school Mondays.

Right now, Monday is just when I don’t see my husband again for 5 days.

And I just posted this to make them mad.