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Education should be fun

Alfred has a good point at .

A lot of CS teachers at both the high school and the college level don't see it.

They have the luxury of a captive audience.

I don't. I have to get kids in my door. We have two classes next year that promise some fun and some education and I can't wait!

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Okay, this is fair.

More on Educational Philosophy

Told principal today:

Would rather do work that would make my students lives better than work that would make my life better.

I’m going to try to set up a job’s type board, for Web Mastering students so when someone wants me to design a website, I can send them to former students.

Surveillance Camera Shopping List

This should give you everything you need except the installer.  Mine charges $75 a hour.  I pay him more.

Shopping list for a Video Surveillance System.

The main part is the vide switch / Digital Video Recorder. This model
has been proven to be a best bang for the buck performer

For cameras these have been proven to be an inexpensive workhorse.

You will then need cable and connectors

I like the twist on BNC connectors because they can be reused.
for each camera, you need 2 connectors.

You will also need a power pigtail

And a power supply.

Donor’s Choose

Doing REALLY well, I have all my thank you packages in for all of my completed projects:  I have had 15 projects funded this year, and completed.

I’m ending the year with two open projects, one for game programming and one of the robotics club:

And I have 10 points for next year.  That means I can do at least one special project, two if these projects get funded.


Dallas News has an article about this: and it’s something I’ve been wondering about myself.

First, I want to know how the students are being tutoring – my theory is that the students don’t need another session of a teacher talking to them.  It didn’t work the first time.  However, I see a lot of these going on at my school.

My theory is that the students need extra time, supervised by someone who can actually tell when the student solved the problem the wrong way and guide them to solve the problem the wrong way.

In my experience as a math teacher, your not as abled students don’t practice enough.  They also don’t have access to someone who knows how to work the problems.

I will admit to tutoring the above way at AP Sessions but those are different students with a different goal.  If I was running the program, I would tutor my way – give the kids extra time to work problems, supervise them so I know they are on task, check their answers and answer questions.

Funny that’s the way I teach and it works pretty well.

Survelliance Cameras Work!

So about 4:34, we hear crash, skid. We look at the cameras and see nothing.  No damage.  About to go back to bed, and husband thinks to look north of us.  Sure enough, stupid car is still on Josey and not moving.  Call cops, go pull fence cam footage:

We’ve got another good view of it, but I haven’t figured out how to retrieve it.

And boy were the cops glad to see the footage.

BTW: stupid driver has no license and claimed he was texting. At least this one was a neighbor.

And the street was still dry, we hadn’t had rain yet.