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Teaching when recording

I recently spent some time in a classroom while teachers were teaching with a recording system.  I’m hoping the recording system changed the way they taught, but I tried not to the same.

I can’t fault one teacher, as he was in a classroom by himself, with no students to interact with.  However, he spoke too fast, faster than I can even think for the first half, but did slow down, later which helped.  He still didn’t give the audience much reflection time.

The other two teachers did have students in the classroom, but didn’t interact with their audience much at all. 

I know that the situation DID change my behavior some, as I didn’t call on students, and only took volunteers.  I think part of the reason was that I didn’t KNOW the students, so I didn’t know who to call on, and I didn’t take time to get to know them during the class.

I know if I am specifically demonstrating and recording something that is very short, I don’t take the time to interact with the class until we’re done recording.

Something to think about.


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