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November 2011

How to Change the Future

I’ve been thinking hard about how to change things so that there are more women in computer science since I’ve been to Grace Hopper.  One thing I see in my community, is that not all high schools offer computer science and that is something we need to change.

We need to start talking with principals and other administrative staff and convince them to teach computer science.

Until we do so, there won’t be openings for Computer Science teachers, and it won’t be taught.  I know for a fact that in my district alone, less than half the high schools offer computer science.


I have always felt it important to use meaningful names when programming.

To teach that to students, I remind them of the importance of their own names.  It helps when you have a student with a significant name (last year one of my CS students had the same name as a famous athlete). 

If worse comes to worse, I tell them why I named my dogs the names I did (Dulce is named “sweet” because she has a sweet face and because I want her to be sweet).

I also monitor students as they are programming with Lanschool and remind them as they are working that they need to use correct names if I see they are not.

Breakout BYOB

The bad thing about teaching CS for 20 years is that it is hard to find things you haven't seen.

Since BYOB is the newest thing I have done, and since I was comfortable in this room, I stayed.

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Speed Dating

Had to be really hard for the presentation, but they set up 9 tables with representatives from Google, Microsoft, Tapestry, etc who have opportunities and resources for teachers.

A great way to get the word out. 

Got to see Pat Phillips!

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Lego Robotics

#ghc2011 #k12

The first session is on Lego Robotics. 

The first speaker is a former mom and was preaching to the choir for me as it was a sales pitch for FIRST.

The second speaker is a former competitor and mentor is talking about teaching programming. 

she actually wrote an AI program for the NXT. Picture is of her code that she wrote as a teenager.

I got napped and had a conversation during the third presentation but she also talked about Lego Robotics.

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Grace Hopper Women ln Computing

#ghc2011 #k12

I arrived in Portland Oregon at about 10:00 am their time. Met up with a colleague who teaches CS on Austin.

We separated at the convention. I checked in, went through the exhibit hall and have met a ton of really cool women. I want to hug all the college girls, they are all so cute and cool and earnest.

Had lunch with the Systers which was really great, but what happens with Systers stays with Systers.

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