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A brag on my high school career

I was and am proud to have been a Civil Air Patrol Cadet.  I joined both CAP and Army JROTC when living in Detroit and going to school at Osborn High School on 7 mile (yes, it was worse than 8 mile).

I won the Distinguished Cadet award and still have the medal, ribbon and medal box that was presented to me. 

When we move to Jackson, MS, I was made the Battalion Commander and continued in Civil Air Patrol. 

I was also a National Merit Semi-Finalist.

I applied to the Coast Guard Academy, Air Force Academy and West Point, and received a nomination from Thad Cochran to West Point.  I checked out, as I would have been in the second class of women, but instead won a full four scholarship to the Air Force Academy.

Unfortunately the Air Force had to many officers when I graduated, and my father was terminally ill, I was offered a resignation which I took.

Just some cool stuff which could be looked up if you found a copy of “Who’s Who in High School Students, 1978”.

And yes, I am a nerd and was not well liked in Mississippi.  However, I had a really fun time with the people in Detroit, and miss that group to this day.  

Random Beginning of the school year thoughts

Didn't have A/C until Friday afternoon, have had to get in early to work.

Principal at my school and a few others shifted workday/staff development days making Minday and Friday workdays. I liked that as i had a better handle what needed to be done as I went and got small tasts done each morning.

I am still the Queen of Tech in my world, remembering that at least Office 2010 lets uou save PDFs so several people don't need to buy Acrobat. Spent the week holding a lot of hands.

Scored help this morning as a former student saw I checked in with Foursquare.

Dress code for teachers got changed without me noticing. Much less strict and doesn't require panty hose or socks for women.

Think i am ready for Monday.
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Good first day

Someone got a really good idea and made the first day a workday. We had a short meeting and were told what happened with budget.

On Friday, I got my room keys and
got my teacher workstation going. That let me hit the ground running today. Plus I got the window unit running only, AC in the area.

I moved furniture where I wanted it. Still need to tweak it. Got Email group set up so we can communicate again.
We just went from GroupWise to LIVE.EDU.

One of the new custodians plugged all the cables back in. I have two groups of workstations to get back up bit am hoping the campus tech gets to it before I do. He has better tools to get the job done.

Printers are up and scanner , haven't confirmed the web cam.

Attendance system and gradebook are up.

Baby steps .

Harest thing is to figure out what to do next.

Helped a bunch of people with email.

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Have my keys, spent some time and got my teacher workstation up and running.

How has the economy affected my classes?  Web class size is VERY large, and we’re missing one person from our department.

Computer Science enrollment is about even to last year.

Monday is our first day of staff development, we are scheduled to have three days of staff development and two teacher workdays.

When I stopped by on Monday, couldn’t get keys but was able to go by the room.  None of the workstations were plugged in and furniture had been completely moved.

Computer Crackers are Evil - Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Are crackers harmless?


Alfred writes today about crackers.  And no they are not harmless.  In fact, on Twitter and the internet there are several artices about hacking insulin pumps.  Wrong term.  I have a model of insulin pump that resembles what the cracker is talking about and it is a bit scary.  It wouldn't kill me.  My pump whirs when it dispenses insulin so I would hear it if I was suddenly getting over delivered, and I do check my blood sugar so I would know if I was not getting the right amount.

If you are interested, just do a search on hacking insulin pumps.

Houston FIRST FTC Workshop

They have set up a great workshop, and I hope more people come to their future ones.  The morning focused on fundraising, with someone who is an expert in large project fundraising and someone who had done some FIRST FTC training.

They also had an educational expert from NASA who showed us their education programs.

Afternoon was focused on programming, and their students helped us program.