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Sexual Harassment at Technical Conferences: A Big No-No - O'Reilly Radar

We’re voicing our strong, unequivocal support of appropriate behavior by all participants at technical events, including Oscon and other O'Reilly conferences. We invite you to help us make Oscon a place that is welcoming and respectful to all participants, so everyone can focus on the conference itself, and the great networking and community richness that can happen when we get together in person.


It is SO good to hear this from a major presenter.

This is a major topic on Systers, and it is amazing that it still happens.

Apparently a presenter demostrated databases, using a database rating woman by hotness.

Now, please, if you can't present something to a group of high school (or better yet, middle school students), don't present it ever. It is't appropriate for any audience.

Hacking Vs. Programming - Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

What is the difference between Hacking and programming?


Good points!

This is something I try to teach. Often what I do, does look like hacking, but I have things planned out in my head.

Trying to get better at it -- this would be a great way to use One Note, and something I'm trying to do.

Another way to Use One Note–Keeping Track of Trips

Just finished doing all my planning on my trip.  Making reservations, etc.  So I immediately set up a notebook on OneNote for it, and send a copy of all of the correspondence related to the trip.

  • Email with the scholarship offer (which I already sent a copy of to my administrators as a brag and so they would know I would need a staff development day.
  • Conference Registration pages
  • Flight Reservation pages

I’ll put together a schedule later, and any correspondence, receipts etc. will end up there.

Saved my butt last year when I got the TCEA Conference Scholarship, as the person I had sent all the information to was laid off and her files were lost.  Or it was easier to just ask me.  At any rate, I had a copy of everything and could get it emailed to the person who needed.

Finally–Grace Hopper

I have applied for this scholarship for three years running.  This year I get to go, in November after telling my husband we were NOT going on a cruise to Alaska in October <smile>.

I have always wanted to go, but just don’t have the funds and can’t justify it.  It’s going to cost me a little bit, but not near as much as if  I had to foot the bill.

I’ve REALLY looking forward to it.

I’ve never been to Denver (where I have to switch planes) or Portland.

Office Swivel Chair parts & Bar stool swivel replacement repair parts


These people rock.

I found a chair at Office Depot I really liked, except it had a really cheap base. Really cheap. Plus it was too high.

It broke within a day or two.

I found this site, called them Monday afternoon, and made the order while I was talking to them.

I now have a decent office chair, the new base was delivered this afternoon. I can't believe how fast the delivery was.

They rock!

My Summer Gig

Quoted from

TI Program Energizes Science and Math Teachers - UT Dallas News

The goal of STEP in STEM was to provide content and training for secondary school teachers, while developing project-based curriculum in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Teachers receive state-required development credits and a stipend for their participation. Three students in the UTeach program at UT Dallas also participated.

Why I am moving everything in the cloud

I do keep things on portable hard drives, BUT I hate two things about them:

Difficulty backing them up

Finding them

I have somewhat solved the difficulty in backing them up (but it goes back to the cloud thing).  Have a lovely NAS (and the new one seems to work right), that allows you to plug in USB drives and will back them up.  Doesn’t work on all of them and I have to remember to back them up.

The other issue is finding them.  Ran into that this morning.  Wanted to pull some files from last year and put them on my district skydrive, and couldn’t find it.  Didn’t dawn on my that only about half of my USB stuff was on my desk and went through the whole house looking for it.  Finally realized that I need to look for a bag – and it was in an okay place, but have moved it since as the dogs could get to the bag if they wanted. 

Plus I’ve got over 10 of things over the past 5 years.

To get over that, I’ve doing several things:

Putting school stuff on the District Sky Drive

Using an Iomega Storage Device

Using Office 365

So far, the second two work pretty well with the phone, and all work with all devices.  We’ll se what the district file wall does for me.

Office 365 Update

Email is working now.  I did have to go into Office 365 Administrative panel to add those email addresses to my account.

Go to Admin



Select the user and change mailbox settings.


That adds the email accounts.  I still don’t get anywhere with the domains themselves, though Open DNS says it works.

Off to did into the administration options and see if they are there.