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I like Sharepoint.  It’s even better with Office 365, and better yet with Mango (a very tasty fruit but don’t like the way McCafe does it).

I have been hosting with for a long time and if you want to play with Windows, I highly recommend it.  I set up our school website with them (they do it for free, thank you), and have been playing around with their stuff for years.

For example I do an Exchange email account with them, and have done Sharepoint but it’s expensive.

When Office 365 came out at $6.00 a month, I jumped and set up a domain.  Sadly something is wrong with their version of Control Panel and you can no longer edit domains.  So I’m screwed right now.  Especially since I can’t transfer until August.  But will then.

When I discovered that problem I set up another domain with Network Solutions.  While I could edit the domain, I couldn’t get Office 365 to verify and have been working with tech support for over a week.  I finally gave up, sat down and did some research and found the answer on the forums – the Office 365 information is wrong.  Has a major bug.  So that domain is “cooking”.

I had really nailed down that things were a Office 365 when I broke down and bought a godaddy domain (man are they freaking sexist or what).  It is in the process and working too.

Anyway, problem solved and domains are in the process of moving around.

Yes, I am awesome.


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