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Digital Illiteracy

I have been reading about Digital Literacy with interest.  While I can’t quite completely define Digital Literacy, I certainly run into it on a daily basis, and at lot of the time, it is students.

I have observed the following which I consider digital illiteracy

  • unfamiliar with the keyboard
  • unskilled using the mouse
  • unfamiliar with common Windows or other OS functions
  • cannot perform a simple internet search
  • can only use one or two programs fluently
  • difficulty following simple instructions

And yes, I see it a lot. 

Our students have are supposed to attend a technology lab during each grade.  Our course there are a lot of pullouts in an attempt to bring students up to grade level, and they do get pulled from the technology lab (common compliant by those teachers).

They are in a required computer literacy course for 1 semester in high school, usually in 7th grade.

Those students who do not have access to technology at home, don’t touch a computer any other time.  Once they get to one of my classes, they have forgotten any skills.

There is definitely a digital divide, and we have to find a way to bridge it.  By the way, this divide hits all income levels and ethnicities.


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