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Android Development

I was able to get everything to install on a computer at home, but man is it difficult to set up.  If I wanted to do it with students, I would have to create their projects for them – which isn’t a huge problem, since I do that anyway, for several months.

It’s still easier to do Windows Phone Development, and I don’t know why anyone would want to do android after doing Windows Phone Development, I sure don’t.

Android Workshop

SMU has very kindly offered high school teachers in Dallas, a workshop on programming Android devices.

First thing – Android is very painful to install, especially in relation to installing Windows Phone tools. 

Uses XML to layout display (same as Silverlight)

The SMU department sponsoring us provided lunch!  Very nice.



So after spending half a day trying to get something to install that won’t – and looking at code, I haven’t been able to get anything to work.

My conclusion on first look:

  • Probably for postAP work.
  • Very difficult to set up.
  • Not that easy to code.

So right now, Microsoft and the Windows Phone wins, as I can have CS I kids write code and PreAP CS kids write code and create something that works.

I really did enjoy the workshop, and hope to be able to install things at home at get them working.  I’d like to try again in peace and see if I really code get PreAP CS kids able to do things.


I installed @Jing by @Techsmith on my student workstations today as I am tired of "delivering instruction" to my PreAP students and feeling I am not being heard.

I feel that by my making them responsible for recording, maybe they might get more out of it.

Several did ask how to get it for their home computers.

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