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iPad–tried it, don’t like it

First, let me start out by saying I have an iPod Touch.  In addition to all my other toys.

Thus, I found that there wasn’t anything I wanted to do with an iPad, that I couldn’t already do on any of my devices.

I found it big and clunky, and I don’t think that the iPod2 is going to be any better.

I did find it easier to read a magazine on it, but I can do that with one of my netbooks.  Or a laptop, or a desktop.  And only ONE magazine, since I have a kindle and that magazine doesn’t come on the Kindle.

I like my netbooks much better than I like the iPad, because they have better keyboards.  If I don’t want a keyboard, I’m back to my Windows Phone 7, or my iPod.

Your mileage may vary.


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