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One Note use–Planning and Presenting (Both for Teachers and Students

One of my favorite uses of One Note is to plan curriculum units.  When I first start planning a unit, I use One Note to keep up with everything.

I usually start with an outline of what I want to teach.  Then I start gathering resources, usually web resources, since I am usually teaching computer topics.

I’ll flesh everything out, and when I’m done, I can send the finished material to format I wish:  PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint. 

My “finished” One Note notebook easily becomes a handout for participants.  And best yet, I could even send the Notebook itself to my students.

Made my day

I was leaving Walmart - dressed in gum clothes which isn't as bad as it sounds with pre-gym hair - and one of my last year students ran up and greeted me.

As always I snarled and said "man, I can go anywhere especially here" but have had a smile on my face every since. I also know she knew I was really pleased.

She went out of her way to greet me.

Feels good and remember, your teachers really do feel good when you recognize them outside of the classroom.

Earth turned on its axis

I swear, Obama quoted me, as I have been saying this for years.

NCLB (No Child left Behind) is a wonderful idea, poorly implemented and funded.

Oh, THAT’S why Japan had a earthquake.  Sorry.

Honestly, I was even saying this to my mother – fine for the state, national government etc impose standards, I’m into teaching to imposed standards, but you must fund them.

Not funding them means they can’t be implemented.

iPad–tried it, don’t like it

First, let me start out by saying I have an iPod Touch.  In addition to all my other toys.

Thus, I found that there wasn’t anything I wanted to do with an iPad, that I couldn’t already do on any of my devices.

I found it big and clunky, and I don’t think that the iPod2 is going to be any better.

I did find it easier to read a magazine on it, but I can do that with one of my netbooks.  Or a laptop, or a desktop.  And only ONE magazine, since I have a kindle and that magazine doesn’t come on the Kindle.

I like my netbooks much better than I like the iPad, because they have better keyboards.  If I don’t want a keyboard, I’m back to my Windows Phone 7, or my iPod.

Your mileage may vary.

Don’t need an app for that….

There is an interesting app for dog agility for the iphone and other devices.  It is expensive, crashes, though that seems to have been fixed and extremely inflexible.

I was going to write an app for the Windows Mobile phone, but I’m finding that One Note works tons better.

Here’s what I do….

When I get any type of correspondence in relation to an upcoming trial, I send it to a One Note Notebook folder called upcoming trials.  On the day of the trial, I take a picture of each of the maps with the camera and put all of a single’s days runs information on one One Note Notebook page.  At the end of the trial, I get trial results from the secretary and again, send it to the One Notebook.

I move everything from the upcoming trial into the completed trial section and when I’m done I have all the information needed.  

Blogging about the trial become easy – I go to File – Send to Blog, make some updates, and I’m done.  Results are at

If you want to see one of my One Notebooks, email and I’ll share it with you for a while.

Robotics? In over my Head?

Actually I think we are making good progress.

I got an email from an engineer I had met last year, she is involved in FIRST Texas, and told me that they were looking to get grants to 6 North Texas Teams for FIRST Tech Challenge.  I didn’t realize we would have to compete on April 16th though.

We’ve had the kit for 1 1/2 weeks and in that time, we have an object that rolls and that I can drive.  I’ve had several kids that come in on a regular basis.

My next goal is to get the kids how to figure out how to drive the robot.  Wish my furniture luck!

Actually I don’t have much real furniture in the room.