Robotics? In over my Head?
iPad–tried it, don’t like it

Don’t need an app for that….

There is an interesting app for dog agility for the iphone and other devices.  It is expensive, crashes, though that seems to have been fixed and extremely inflexible.

I was going to write an app for the Windows Mobile phone, but I’m finding that One Note works tons better.

Here’s what I do….

When I get any type of correspondence in relation to an upcoming trial, I send it to a One Note Notebook folder called upcoming trials.  On the day of the trial, I take a picture of each of the maps with the camera and put all of a single’s days runs information on one One Note Notebook page.  At the end of the trial, I get trial results from the secretary and again, send it to the One Notebook.

I move everything from the upcoming trial into the completed trial section and when I’m done I have all the information needed.  

Blogging about the trial become easy – I go to File – Send to Blog, make some updates, and I’m done.  Results are at

If you want to see one of my One Notebooks, email and I’ll share it with you for a while.


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