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Another goes to the dark side?

Why we need teacher unions

Principals fire teachers on whims.   Been there.  Unfortunately it is no longer on the internet, but one of my former principals detailed how she got rid of teachers she didn’t like.  She did exactly those things to me. 

Here’s the problem, I am certified to teach computer science and it’s my favorite subject.  There is usually one per school, and at the moment, I do not believe there are any openings.  I would have to wait another school year to find a job, if there is one then.

Teachers just can’t jump from job to job.

I’m lucky, I’m also certified in math and can do a really good job as a math teacher in a traditional classroom, and I like teaching Geometry and Algebra I best, so I could probably find an opening.  The only teacher who can probably find an opening right off are math and science teachers.  The rest of the curriculum is going to have to wait a school year like me.

We have a union in Dallas and I’m a member.  They have been very helpful to me.  I am a diabetic, and I go to them periodically to find out what I need to tell the TAKS testing monitors about my insulin pump, testing and eating.

I had a really difficult situation with an special education parent and the principal, and I spoke with the union lawyer on a frequent basis.  It never came down to that, but they keep lawyers in house ready to advise people.  It was very helpful in this situation for moral support if nothing else.

We don’t have collective bargaining, and I am against any teacher walking out of the classroom to strike.  I certainly wouldn’t do it.

However, I do like the fact that there is someone I can go to if I have a building or district issue and that there is someone looking after my interests.


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