Why cutting education won't work
Pensions and Pay for established trachers

Teacher pay

First, I will give that we are probably paying new teachers too much because we are having no trouble hiring.

I also know that because of NCLB and because of attendance changes, that we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes moving personnel. 

In other words, I am not pleasantly impressed with the new people in my building.

I have a completely different impression of our veteran teachers. Both as a group and individually we have our students interest at heart and do our best. 

The above is why I am so much against Teach for America. Your average new teacher needs a three year period before they are a good teacher. We usually find the pedophiles in the first year (yep my school has had a few come through and they are found and asked to leave fast).

The people who cannot tolerate dealing with teenagers are usually out voluntarily pretty fast. 

I really do think we need to start by reducing new teacher salaries. And guess what, when I started teaching they had reduced new teacher salaries and I have been "paying" for that every since. But that was my choice.

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