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TATN - three CS sessions

#TCEA – Feeling better about it

When I first got the agenda, I was very disappointed. 

There is a SIG meeting that includes Tech Apps (not too disappointed about that, since I am also certified in Tech Apps, but do wish they were separate SIGs.  I find teaching Tech Apps very different than Computer Science.

However, Tuesdays' Tech App Network day has half a days worth of sessions dedicated to Computer Science – all morning in one room.

Microsoft is also having several side sessions that are not on the schedule that are dedicated to Computer Science.

There are several sessions on Robotics, especially Legal Mindstorms, but unfortunately that is something I can’t afford to do.  I will probably attend some of those though.

There is a session at 3:45 on Wednesday that is specifically labelled CS.  There is another one on Thursdays morning at 10:00 and one that is probably CS related at 11:30. 

Video game design is on Friday morning and so is a attracting Girls to STEM.

There is lots of stuff for the other half of my brain – tech apps, so it isn’t too bad.


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