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TCEA 2011 review

So I have blogged about the individual sessions I went to.

Now impressions ...

First every one in Texas involved in education is scared. Between the missing money - seriously when the incumbents were running in November we had plenty of money, and changes in programs - teachers are running scared.

Vendors gave out lots of paper but never little else. I got a nice tape measured, a t-shirt, two pens and another small item after two hours in the exhibit hall. Didn't even bother to go back.

As always teacher led sessions were good. With the exception of one, vendor led sessions were obnoxious but often you couldn't tell until you were in the room.

Shuttle was great. Hotel was fine once they got the HVAC right in my room. The Austin convention center and downtown area are just obnoxious.

Will I maintain my TCEA membership? I will decide after some local events. Will I join the SIG, don't know yet.

Best thing of all was TATN on Tuesday and meeting @unklar and seeing @alfredtwo again.


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