Teacher pay
Why we need teacher unions

Pensions and Pay for established trachers

My district values experienced teachers and until recently had longevity pay. I got it for two years.

Once you have established pay, benefits and pension you have to honor that. Reducing those, especially pension is WRONG. That is part of compensation. I made hiring choices, day to day budgeting choices based on that.

There is also a promise implied in giving me a contract. Finding a teaching job is difficult. Especially middle of the year teaching jobs. As long as I honor my contract and do my duties you don't have the right to fire me.

As I tell my kids, the only way I can be fired is if I have sex with you or beat you, and I am not having sex with any of you.

My husband's company has turned to a good model of compensation, which is, instead of giving raises and having to give that raise from then on, the give periodic bonuses depending on when they are making money. Win, win all around.

I go back to my previous post. It is fine to cut pay and other compensa

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