TATN - three CS sessions
I have been at TCEA since Tuesday morning and @alfredtwo was a bit disappointed I haven’t blogged. If he see’s the schedule below he’ll know why

Horrible hotel

I am staying at Springhill Suites Marriott South on I35. I am telling you this so you won't stay here.


The A/C unit keep coming in last night. The desk clerks thought I was nuts because when they got to the room the unit was merrily pumping out warm air. Fortunately it kicked on for the second clerk but the hotel is sold out and apparently no maintenance staff was available.

I didn't sleep well especially since the unit came on when it was shut off and the temp was at 62 when I woke up. I literally was shaking from the cold

Not paying their full rate that's for sure...

And if they can't get me in a warm room, I am out of here.

Not that they care since they have plenty of business.

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