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Finally leaving Windows XP

That’s been a real issue for me this year, because I’ve been wanting to do some XNA and some Windows Phone stuff, and the IDE and SDK’s require Windows 7.

Our tech has put Windows 7 in every lab that is not on the obsolete list except mine, and he came to do mine Friday.  It didn’t take much talking.

I’ve got all the software installed by Adobe CS 4, and I’ve run it on Windows 7 without a problem.  That will be the first thing I do when I get in on Monday. 

There should be only two differences between my machine and the kids machine – that’s Lanschool and Deep Freeze.  Shouldn’t be hard at all to get me moved, as I rarely save anything anywhere but on my documents.

Best thing, Gridworld works without a hitch on Windows 7 and we’ve had to do some major tweaking to get it to run on our machine with Windows 7.

Best giggle:  Even though our machines are two years old, they are still better than any of the machines recently installed in the business department.  Better processors, better hard drives, etc.


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