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Still loving my windows phone 7

Though the gal at diet gourmet made a nasty remark the day I started this. She thought my Samsung focus is too big. But that is the beauty. ATT has three different devices. She could probably find one she wants.

I love the predictive typing and using it now.

I have gotten used to the onscreen keyboard and don't miss my slider. I have managed to keep myself entertained with it and only it.

I can manage my email and respond to it. I can listen to my music and play games with it. Keep up with Facebook and Twitter. Basically all the functions I want when I am out and about.

Oh, I can make phone calls • though I am not much into that.

Here is what I still miss:

Audible Books
A blog client for Typepad
Client for myfitnesspal

I am sure all of the above will come soon or I will find an adequate substitute.

So i

Sent from my Windows Phone

The plight of the high school homeless


The plight of the high school homeless

This article really ticks me off because this is NOT a new problem.  It’s been going on in my school’s neighborhood for years.  I think the first case I knew of, was about 15 years ago.  Kiddio in my class was not doing well at all that year, and someone at school discovered that his mother had disappeared, father had been gone for at least a year, and he was living along in the apartment with no income.  I think the neighbors came to school and let us know, but not really sure.  It has been a long time.

But we’re always coming up with the odd student who is homeless.  Sometimes they choose to live home – usually due to family difficulties and sometimes the family leaves them.  We’ve all kinds of social services at our disposal to help – group homes, etc. 


Well, partly we care, but Texas learned long ago, the longer you keep a kid in school, the more income they make in later life, and the less money we have to spend on social services.   That’s one reason we get paid for each student in school, each day they are in school.

But keeping them in longer, and that goes for the homeless teen, the pregnant teen and the teen father is just going to benefit everyone in the long run.  Better yet if we can get them through college.

Interesting Dilemma – Can you Download YouTube Videos and show them in the classroom?

I would LOVE comments on this.

Our district blocks YouTube at the current time.  Of course, students, especially but even teacher have found ways to circumvent the block.  However, circumventing the block violates District Acceptable Usage Policy.

So does going home, using your home internet and downloading a video, mean that you have circumvented the block.  Technically yes, but it is not against district policy to do so, I asked. 

Here is the caveat:  I do have to be careful that everything I show is classroom appropriate and fits within my curriculum. 

I believe I should also make it clear to my audience that I am using my own internet, and not the district internet and why.

HOWEVER, downloading the video and not using the YouTube service DOES violate their Terms of Service, so I should not just download the video.  I do need to use my own internet. 

I think.

Am I right?

IPod vs windows phone 7

I came to the realization last night that I am not going to get rid of my iPod any time soon and that trying to converge devices isn't a good idea.

This also means that maybe the point and shoot camera isn't completely dead.

Lets face it. Each device we have does some things very well.

For example the Zune HD plays music better than the windows phone 7 and holds more.

The iPod does some iPhone apps and also plays music well. If Apple tunes worked like Zune pass I would probably stick with it.

There will always be iPhone apps that work better than windows phone 7 apps and vice versa.

By the way typing on the windows phone is easier than the iPod.

In other words we still don't have the all together perfect convigerent device.

Sent from my Windows Phone


Bought a Christmas present fort husband yesterday because the manufacturer had retwitted a user post mentioning it was on sale at best buy.

The sales people didn't know and the shelf price was wrong but it was the right price at checkout.

Love twitter!

Samsung Focus–Laptop Killer

Not yet.  And it isn’t a Zune HD killer either.

But I did receive an email from Medco and was able to go out to the web and see which prescription they were emailing about without opening a laptop.

I haven’t tried entering a dog show from the phone yet, but I can check for Breed Counts and Judging Panels.

Things I still want – will AlphaJax is good, I’d rather be able to play my friends on Words for Friends.  I’d also like to play Diner Dash, etc. on Windows Phone 7 and I think that will come soon.

Wish Windows Live would integrate Twitter. 

However, I am VERY happy with the Samsung Focus.

The other three apps I really want are Audible, Kindle and Typepad Blogging Client.

Ning Resolution

mIt appears that the Ning trouble ticket software couldn’t accept a – in the email address field.  That’s been fixed.

I also had complained to Paypal that their month charge for the Ning group I had set up shouldn’t have been charged since I couldn’t cancel the account.  That charge is in the process of being refunded.

I think that harrassing the on Twitter helped a lot. 

I certainly couldn’t get a response any other way, which is sad. 

Weird part is that the trial Ning network still exists.

I do still have as a Ning network, as it does somewhat work.

Whatever you do, don’t sign up for a Ning Network

I’ve actually been with Ning for a while – had click-l set up there but the support has always been lousy.  You get what you pay for right?

Well, I decided to set up another network with their free trial.  For two weeks now, I’ve tried to get the network cancelled, I’ve been charged for the network and I’ve gotten ONE response from Twitter.  It’s impossible to find out how to cancel your account.

RIght now, I’ve got a ticket with Paypal out, hopefully I’ll be able to get out of the Network that way, and am planning on moving my first account out also, and just took the first step.