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Novatel Wireless Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 2372

While I liked the Sprint Overdrive, it used Sprint service and I’ve been with ATT forever.  So I picked up one of these today.

Here’s the major disappointment, and I really felt bad for the salesguy – they only supplied certain stores.  I can’t my regular store and they said “nope” didn’t have any and stopped at another store that was close to where I was today.  “Nope” they didn’t have any and the sales guy was very upset.  He found two on the way home, and one of those was sold by I got there, not that store is sold out too.

The sales lady was VERY good, VERY nice, and I got in and out fairly quick.  Unfortunately it takes at least 20 minutes to buy something from ATT even if you know exactly what you are doing. 

I used it at the gym this evening and I was very pleased.  I’ll see how good it really is on Tuesday.

Favorite windows phone 7 apps

One of my favorite windows phone 7 apps is shuffle by album. I used to use the authors software and have followed his blog ever since. Like it so well it's pinned to my menu.

I also like the weather channel app - best part is that it shows current conditions on the title.

Just downloaded and set up remember the milk. The app is called WinMilk - sure wish the outlook task was supported in the office apps but oddly enough it isn't.

Favorite windows phone 7 apps

still loving my Windows phone 7

By the way wrote last blog post on it while on a stationary bike  - see ma - no keyboard!  And this one.

Love the camera button and used it today takes awesome pictures .  Equipment may be disappearing front bag.

everyone likes the tiles, especially the individual people tiles.

and a small weird brag - my questions have been on the Zune insider podcast on two episodes now - episodes  94 and 92.

21st Century Technology conference

just spend the day there.

it was good.  got sidetracked in the morning but ended up where i wanted to be.  learning how to create lessons with smart notebook software.

I presented windows movie maker software twice.  The first room was great, the second not so much.

ran into a bunch of friends including dr. Lenvay who I has not seen in years.  He did the other presentation I participated in.


he showed how to use PowerPoint, Word, and Google apps to differentiate learning .  He was good.


breakfast looked good • lunch was great - good goodie bags and good door prices though didn't win any.

Loving Windows Phone 7

I love the Windows Phone 7 and most everyone who has seen it does.  It's light, a bit big in my hand, but I have small hands, and the display rocks.  I have the Samsung Focus.  I am SO over HTC.  Well, their Windows Phone 7 isn't bad, but this rocks.  I will probably go in and look at the LG, and might swap for the keyboard, but can live with it.

  • Wishes:

        Copy and Paste

  • Apps I want:
    My Fitness Pal
    Amazon Kindle
    Words with Friends
    Audible Books
    KeePass (after copy and pass)
    AstraWare Sudoko

I'm sure they are coming.

Somethings are not intuitive -- streaming music.

Samsung focus

Loving it.  I went from HTC pure and tilt 2 so how can I not be happy?

keyboard isn't bad.  blogging with it now.

app selection is better than I expected.  Facebook, Twitter and foursquare all available.


zune pass isn't working <pout>


typepad blogging via the web interface.