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Still Frustrated with Apple

I posted last weekend that my Mac Mini blew up.  Apparently the power supply is no longer working.  The device smells burned and won’t power up.

Took it to the Apple Store and they told me the repair would take 5-7 days.  It’s morning of day 5, and no signs of repair. 

Here’s what I expected to take place:

Be given a refurbished Mac Mini on the spot, and have to restore my data from Time Machine

If that had occurred, I would have bought a new device on the spot, either a notebook, an iPad or an iPhone, not sure what I would have gone with.  Probably the new iPhone because my Windows Mobile phone is driving me nuts.

I really liked the Mac Mini until it blew up.  It kind of scares me now, and I probably won’t leave it on over night any more, I keep wondering about it catching the house on fire after it blew up.

I also don’t like their service – I paid extra for Apple Care and honestly did expect faster service.  They could at least keep spare supplies in stock.  What is standard turn around on Notebooks, etc?


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