Going to the Windows 7 Development Conference
Update on the Staff Development I am going to this week!

Not Happy With Apple

So last Saturday night my Mac Mini blew up (literally, I think the noise the power supply made blowing up woke me up.

I took my Mac Mini to the Knox Street Apple store, and as always they took their own sweet time. 

Before I go further, I am an experienced Ham Radio operator (Extra class) and Computer Scientist and I know darn well if a power supply explodes to the point that you can smell the burnt component, more than the power supply is gone.

Now, if they had replaced the Mac Mini on the spot, I would have bought something else, and I was leaning towards a notebook or iPod, hadn't decided. I am quite serious about this.

However, they lost their chance and it gets worse.  i looked up the service status yesterday and it was still showing "Service in Process".  Good news is that it now showing "Service Complete".

I had to call and ask the status on day 7 of the estimated repair.  They did replace the Mac Mini with a new computer BUT they should have called me and told me that they were replacing it as soon as they opened it up.  I NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD TO CALL!  And the status should have not been showing "In Service", but it should have told me to pick it up.

Very unhappy with the Apple Store experience.