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iPod vs. Zune

First, I have to say that my Red Zune is in UPS hands on it’s way to get repaired.

I like the Zune best for music.  I like the Zune pass infinitely better than the Apple store, and have for a while.  I also like the fact that you get to buy music with the pass.  I do have my purchased music on both devices.

So far, I only have 1 movie and it’s on the Zune, and I have enjoyed it there.  I tend not to watch things over and over, so probably won’t buy many more movies.  Might rent.

What I like on the iPod and use the most is the apps and the internet stuff.  I rarely play music though do have Pandora on it. 

So for me – music is better on the Zune – apps better on the iPod.  Like both!

Oh, and I like the camera on the Zune better than the camera on my phone.

I also like the iPod apps better than the Windows mobile phone software.  Don’t know if I am going to Windows 7 mobile phone yet or not.  Depends on the hardware.

Still don’t like the idea of an iPhone, but I might go to one for a second phone if they had a 64 gig model.


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