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All Staff Developed

What a difference a year makes

Last Year This Year
Drove through 5 toll booths to get to staff development. In the library at our school – 20 minutes from the house
Inedible lunch (brought SlimFast the next two days and drank it). Didn’t eat lunch unless a can of Slim Fast counts
Structured activity all day and expected to stay in the evening Sent to work in our rooms but told we’d make up the time later.
Tons of AV equipment One projector and computer
Lots of trees killed by copiers Not so much


We didn’t get “stimulus” money that we got last year.  Didn’t have a big lavish budget to spend and didn’t have to spend it on things we didn’t necessarily want or need.

While the room was warm, it was nicer than the rooms were during early start, so that was good.

Going into the year feeling much better about things.  Money isn’t everything.  Of course, we have two more days to go.


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