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Camtasia Video - Using Microsoft Webcam on Mac Mini

Price Comparisons

One of the reasons I am not sold on the Mac Mini is the price.  Right at $800 after VGA cable and Apple Care.  Okay, I rarely buy extended warranties so that might not be fair.  I need to see what I get with it.

Recently have been playing with a Lenovo Laptop which was priced right at $450.  For my $450, I got 4 meg of memory, a 64 bit operating system, 260 hard drive, a keyboard AND a display.  A wide screen display, but yeah, I can't use that display for anything else.

It came with some software not a lot.

However, the MacMini comes with:

  • iTunes -- whole business model I dislike
  • iPhoto (most cameras these days do that)
  • iMovie (which is above the equivalent of the various versions of Movie Maker
  • Garage Band
  • Time Machine
  • Front Row (which I think plays trailers)
  • iDVD
  • chess

Everything else is pretty comparable between the two.

By the way, as an internet device, the Mac Mini works very well, but the old Mac Mini's still do that too.





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