Playing with a MacMini

So far, the whole Mac experience has been interesting.  I went by the Apple Store after I finished with camp, and left about 10 minutes later with a Mac Mini, a converter to VGA, which I haven't gotten to work but didn't spend a lot of time at it, and stickers on everything.

Not entirely convinced it is something I want or need, but I may very well keep it.  I'm doing a presentation on Saturday for the Apple Corps:

Haven't seen the receipt yet in my email, hope the sales guy got it right.  I guess as long as it is in their system.

I'm making some movies on it and getting familiar with the whole setup so I am ready for the presentation.

Oh, the presentation -- Camtasia for the Mac which is similar but not the same for the PC.

FYI:  Love @Camtasia not sure about @macmini



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