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Only thing -- I figured this out YEARS ago.

I created my own classroom management system years ago, because it helps keep me organized. Since the district has moodle, I now use it.

Quoted from » Classroom Management 2.0: An holistic vision

Initially, I used blogs because they were a relevant interactive learning experience. But soon discovered that the course blog was also serving an unlikely purpose: classroom management.

She's right.  However, I have a much more structured environment that she does which puts things in a different perspective.

First the classroom management system helps me stay organized.  It forces me to put down my assignments in advance.

Second the classroom management system answers all those annoying questions:  "Did I do all my work?" "Did you grade my assigment?"  "What do I need to do to make an 'A'".

But it also forces my students to be organized, and allows them to keep up with what they need to do.  Now, my classes are only 50 minutes long, and I have a truancy system in place that forces my students to come to school.  As a result, there are some things I can't or won't do:

  • Allow drinks in my room.  Just the thought of a drink next to a keyboard with teenagers on either side make me shudder.
  • Allow food.  See above.  Added issue with both, THEY DON'T PICK UP AFTER!

If my students were picking up after themselves, I might allow food.

  • Allow free time and wandering around.  Sorry but we only have 50 minutes.  However, if you do have everything done for my class I can live with a few moments of off task behavior.
  • I do allow people to go to the restroom as long as it isn't everyday and they have done my work.  Remember I am limited to 50 minutes! We have a lot of stuff to do.

I do allow students to listen to music and urge them to bring it on their MP3 players. 

In order to prevent tardies, I do my instruction at the first few minutes of class.  If you are lucky I will record it with Camtasia.  But only if you are lucky.


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