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First Week

Mac Mini

Yes, I kept the MAC mini and I have even bought software for it but the software has not arrived.

I am running a trial version Office 2008 and I have ordered it from Journey Ed and it is on it's way.  I think I am supposed to get the Office 2011 upgrade.  I don't like the Mac version as well as I like the Windows version, but that's usually the way it goes.  I've found through the years that the Mac versions of Office are a bit behind.

I am also running a trial version of contribute.  Though blogging with the web version of Typepad isn't bad, I prefer using an offline editor.  My favorite is Windows Live Writer, but Contribute isn't bad, and I am using the Mac version of Contribute now.  Again, I have it on order and it should arrive this week. 

Haven't had much of a chance to use the Mac-Mini, with school starting and physical therapy going on, but then I don't have much of time to do PC stuff unless it is in my classroom.  Hope to get the video camera downstairs and start getting some videos made.


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