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Love mail2web (

In my efforts to make my Mac Mini useful, I have been trying out Entourage --> I have an exchange account for my personal email which I love.  I've actually purchased Office 2008 for the Mac and I am waiting for it to arrive.

My exchange server actually stopped working in Entourage, so I did my normal fix which is to delete and reset up the account on my machine.  Still didn't work.  It took about four email messages, but they figure out that I didn't have to have "DAV" required anymore.  Not sure what happened, don't care, as it works now.

Also still loving Contribute as a blogging tool, and it is also ordered and on it's way.

I use JourneyEd and buy educational pricing as much as possible.  If I could afford the Mac version of the Adobe products I use most, I would but they are very pricy.


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