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First Week

We survived the first week. Lots of new enrollments the first couple of days, and since web mastering was one of the few open electives, I got lots of new students.

However, I have about 20 kids in each class, except PreAP/AP Computer Science, it's at about 15. Which isn't bad, considering that former administrations have tried to kill it.

Things I wish could change:

  • Wish I could put my own students in Moodle. It takes about two days to get new kids in.
  • Wish the process of putting students on Novell were faster. I should have all students at my school on Novell over the weekend.
  • Wish the specialist would contact us the week before students start. Contacting us on Wednesday of the first week is a bit late.
  • Wish parents would enroll new students the week before school starts.

Nothing I have control over but life would go better if these things were done in a more timely matter. And enrolling your new students would probably fix the Novell issue.


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