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Programmers who piss me off

Right now, I am completely pissed off at several programmers:

First, the yahoos that wrote Adobe Soundbooth.  If I open a file as an MP3, save it as a WAV file, and save it, I expect it to be in the same directory I retrieved it from.  Not the directory I saved something the last time I used Soundbooth.  Just saying…..

Second, I swear to god that the Java people update their software just so they put a new freaking ad in their installer.  And PLEASE do not set the button automatically to check.  I have to uncheck the check on 33 freaking machines.  And had to do another 30 some machines in the business lab.

Third, the authors of TestNav written by the Pearson Learning people.  The freaking client installer reboots computers, and doesn’t tell you it didn’t finish.  And not every computer.  My lab is pristine – I use Deep Freeze, and am careful about keeping a frozen.  Something like 6 out of the 28 did this.  This is NOT fun.  Business lab was even worse.

Finally, the authors of ICQ.  One of my face book friends invited, and they not only changed my Home Page, but my default search engine AND my blank tab in Windows Explorer.  It’s gone and won’t be back.


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