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Well, not completely, but I have identified the problem.  She has been driving me absolutely buggy for months.

She screams at me constantly and doesn’t do what I tell her too.  Yesterday I figured out why.

She came into the room late, and I said “Tardy Center”.  Didn’t blink, didn’t move, “Tardy Center”. No blink, no move, “Tardy Center”.  Then she even said, what did you say?

When she came back, I wanted to tell her what I told the other kids.  I called her name.  I did it again.  I walked towards her, saying her name.

Then it dawned on me. 

SHE DIDN’T HEAR ME, and I have been mad at her for the same reason my mother gets mad at me.  SHE DIDN’T HEAR ME.

I wrote her a pass to the nurse with a note to sign her up to evaluate her hearing.  I haven’t done that before, in 17 years of teaching I haven’t noticed that a kid was not hearing me.  She thought I was being funny.  Okay, I’ve been known to send a kid to the library and back to give us both space.  BUT SHE DIDN’T HEAR ME.

And yes, she flunked the hearing test.  They were able to determine she had a problem and found her a way to fix it in less than 45 minutes.  Finally flunking is a GOOD thing.

This is a perfectly brilliant child, and there are 8 other teachers that she doesn’t hear.  Why did it take me so long and why didn’t the other teachers notice? 

Why didn’t her mom notice – who did say, no wonder you don’t do well at school, you can’t hear your teachers.

Score one for Weaver, but why did it take us so long to notice?

By the way, I had something similar happen to me involving needing glasses and the 2nd grade. 


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