Nice quiet session at Dog City Training Center
PreAP Should be fun today

Back from Spring Break

Since I can't eat lunch today .... taking a blog break.

I was really glad to get back to my almost clean, spacious room.  With the new room arrangement, EVERYONE has more space.  We even have space to actually sit down and write stuff, which we didn't have with the old tables.

I am still doing a major purge, and unfortunately the custodians left my last trash bag in the room.  I live in Farmers Branch, and we have fabulous trash bags, designed to fit in our machines without a lot of work.  I personally like better than those plastic things that load into the Dallas garbage collection vehicles.

Spring break was great:

  • Won Dallas Symphony Orchestra tickets which was a nice different outing for my husband and I
  • One the TypePad Creativity contest with my blog entires about the different ways you can make a blog entry with TypePad (I'm using the web interface today).  $100 Gift Certificate from Amazon
  • Got lots of chores done
  • Cleaned out closets
  • Got HAV unit preventative maintance
  • Did a minor purge of my office
  • Got oil changed
  • Made lots of movies with new, soon to be released software
  • Got a Screencast Pro account for free (and put movies there)
  • Slept each day.
  • Weather was gorgeous during the actual week

Spring Break sucked because:

  • Dealt with special ed student and family (which made today sucky and last night hard to sleep)
  • Ended with winter.  We had snow on Saturday and Sunday

So yes, I am glad to be back and finish the year.  And I've spent almost every minute since I got to school dealing with special ed family.  Still have to call mother and tell her my decision.


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