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Fun Day

Only one bad class right now

It’s the last period of the day.

So here’s how my day goes:

  • 1st Period – CS
    • Super kids.  Quit a few come early.  A couple of them have families with chronic time problems.  They come in, sit down, participate in demonstrations and most get their work done.  Those who don’t do it quietly.
  • 2nd Period – Math Study Skills
    • Do Texas Web Tutor – small class – quiet but does do some off task talking and surfing.  Everyone gets something done.
  • 3rd Period – PAWS (Study Hall)
    • Seniors – have figured out the rules in days, quiet roar, hey, they have figured out how to come to school every day and get things done.  Most are passing, most of their classes.  No one “failing”.
  • 4rd Period – Tech Support
  • 5th Period – Lunch
  • 6th Period – PreAP – Doing XNA
    • Awesome
  • 7th Period – Math Study Skills
    • Finally got them to understand the rules, oddly losing a couple of kids who weren’t discipline problems nor regular attendees helped.  They were kids not passing the TAKS who just did and are now in Reconnect trying to get credits.  One has come back for help but during PAWS, not this class.
  • 8th Period – Math Study Skills
    • Driving me nuts!
    • MP3 player stolen in this class the day before Winter Break
    • Have had to start sending people out and rearranging students.
    • Called 6 parents during class yesterday.
    • One kid had his phone out, was ignoring me, I took it put it in desk drawer and it disappeared later in the class period.

I haven’t had a class so radically bad in years and so dramatically different.  Starting Monday, I’m going to ask a different administrator a day to attend.



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